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​Back pain limits your life.  At best it's drain that wears away at you. At worst it can stop you completely, putting your life on hold!

At Sims & Finn we focus on getting you relief from your back pain symptoms and take steps to stop it coming back again.  Our health philosophy is one of not just pain relief (though we do that too!) but optimal wellness.

When you are in pain your body is sending you a signal. It’s a signal that your body needs help. We focus on identifying and correcting the underlying problems as fully as possible.

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Chiropractic & Low Back Pain - The Evidence

A 2004 study in the British Medical Journal found that the spinal adjustments that chiropractors provide was more effective than exercises.  BMJ. 2004 Dec 11;329(7479):1377.

​The same adjustments were recommended by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society as a treatment for chronic or subacute low back pain in 2007. Ann Intern Med. 2007;147(7):478-491

There have been around 70 randomised control trials and 10 systematic reviews supporting chiropractic care for lower back pain (1).  The evidence is clear.  Chiropractic is an effective treatment for low back pain.

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  • Headache & Migraine
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