Can Chiropractic help with back pain during pregnancy?

Are you pregnant and struggling with back pain?

You’re not alone – approximately 50% or pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy.

Did you know that a chiropractor may be able to help you? Chiropractic treatment is safe throughout your whole pregnancy. Your chiropractor will adapt your treatment to your needs and growing baby.

Pregnancy leads to multiple changes to your body including hormonal and structural changes.

Some symptoms you may have noticed

– Neck pain or tightness

– Headaches

– Tingling in your arms and hands

– Difficulty taking a deep breath

– Reflux or indigestion

– Pelvic pain

– Pubic symphysis pain

– Low back pain

– Sciatica

Pregnant patients often present with one or more of the above symptoms. Research has shown that 75% of pregnant patients who received chiropractic care during their pregnancy found relief in their pain.


Low back pain is common during pregnancy. It is caused by the change in posture and increased pressure on the pelvis and lumbar spine from your growing baby. As your belly grows the curve in your low back also increases; this places extra strain and weight on your lumbar joints and can lead to dysfunction, tightness and pain. This same change in low back posture can also place extra strain on your sacroiliac joints (in your pelvis). The extra strain can also lead to pelvic or pubic symphysis pain and dysfunction.

Added to the physical changes the hormonal changes that occur can cause pelvic hyper-mobility and spinal instability.

Thoracic (mid back) and Cervical (neck) postural changes can also cause tightness, restriction in movement and pain. Some pregnant mothers also report headaches associated with neck and shoulder tightness. As your baby grows you will notice your mid back rounding and neck coming forward this is due to the change in your centre of gravity and to accomodate your growing baby. This change often leaves mums feeling short of breath, tight in the shoulder or neck and with tension headaches.

How can chiropractic care help during your pregnancy?

Your chiropractor will assess your pelvis and spine for any movement restriction, pain or swelling. Your chiropractor can also assess other areas of your body including your jaw, public symphysis, shoulders and ankles so be sure to mention any areas that have been troubling you.


After your chiropractor has assessed you and found what is causing your pain they will discuss your options and perform a chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is designed to help get your joints moving better. This will help reduce the local inflammation, improve your mobility and reduce any discomfort or pain. Your chiropractor can also help release tight muscles and ligaments through your pelvis, neck and back using gentle soft tissue techniques.

You can also come in for assessment and adjustments without having any symptoms. As your baby grows and your posture changes it is great to get checked and adjusted regularly to ensure your spine and pelvis aren’t affecting the position of your baby and to allow your spine to best adjust to the postural changes. This will also make sure that your pelvis is moving well when your labour begins.

At Sims and Finn we utilise a range of manual and low force techniques to ensure you are comfortable during your appointments. We also have a range of tables and pillows that can be used to best support you without putting extra pressure on your belly.

If you have any questions about how pregnancy chiropractic care could help you please feel free to discuss it with one of our Chiropractors.


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