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The mere presence or absence of pain is a poor indicator of your overall wellbeing and health. That is why our Chiropractors at Sims & Finn take a different approach.

We place a strong focus on your function and performance.

Our aim is for you to function optimally, regardless of pain or symptoms, so you can perform at your fullest potential.

Performance is different for everyone. From a high level executive making tough decisions, to a mum focussing 110% of her time and energy on her child, or in the case of this article, an athlete aiming to enhance their training performance.

All the above require optimal performance, and chiropractic can assist you in functioning to your fullest potential.

Let’s dive right into it… 

….. Here are 3 key ways chiropractic care can optimise your performance as as athlete.


Exercise and training workouts like F45 and CrossFit include a variety of functional movements with differing degrees of intensity.

The foundation of strength and speed is mobility. There is a direct relationship between these factors. Charging through a workout with poor mobility and range of motion has a strong likelihood to cause secondary conditions such as pain and abnormal discomfort. 

Just like a car (or any other precision machinery) our bodies were designed to function with proper alignment. Any shifts away from optimal alignment can result in compensatory changes in an attempt to protect regions with abnormal structural shifts.

Compensations occur in areas with inadequate range of motion and poor mobility- they can be best visualised as postural distortions.

What does posture that is compensating from a structural shift look like? Below is an example of an abnormal posture.

Posture health in Dandenong

Can you observe the tilted head and shoulders from the front?

Notice the head sitting forward of the shoulders from the side?

What does your posture look like?

Through our process of Neuro-structural correction, our chiropractors can help to…

  • Improve range of motion
  • Optimise mobility
  • Restore postural health

…all of which allow you to get the most out of your chosen sport, F45 and Crossfit training.

Abnormal postural changes, nagging aches and pains or the shoulders, hips, knees and other discomfort of the body are commonly secondary conditions which stem from uncorrected primary structural shifts of the spine. Click here to read more about neuro-structural shifts.

Underlying core structural shifts can be either long-standing or acute. At Sims & Finn Chiropractic, our Chiropractors perform a thorough neuro-structural analysis to determine a timeline to address the underlying cause to help with your secondary signs and symptoms.


Optimal performance can come down to a few fractions of a second.

Workouts like F45 and Crossfit are rigorous and meticulous with the aim to functionally train the body as a whole.

Coordination of all the complex and specific movements of your body rely on effective communication of your brain and nervous system. These neurological structures are responsible for specific and sequential contractions of muscles for controlled movement.

Muscle pain after F45 dandenong

The strength you possess in each movement is directly correlated to your ability to neurologically recruit your required musculature for contraction- not necessarily just the size and bulk of your muscles.

Structural shifts, postural compensations, stress and injury can all have the potential to affect the ability to neurologically recruit and contract your musculature as optimally as possible

This is where our chiropractors can help.

In athletes, research shows chiropractic care can enhance the feed forward activation of musclesresulting in increased strength and coordination.

This means you are less likely to injure yourself and you may even be able to lift up to 15% more after just one correction.

This means peak performance for you!


You know better than anyone how important recovery time for your body is. Giving it time to heal and repair is just half of the equation…

Recovery time is pivotal for your body to heal and repair.

…your body’s ability and potential to recover to its fullest is greatly linked to the function or health of your nervous system.

The aim of Chiropractic care is to improve the relationship between the spine and the nervous system.

F45 optimal performance in Melbourne

Stress placed on the body (from rigorous training like F45 and crossfit, in addition to other factors like illness or inflammation) can lead to shifts or misalignments in the spine.

Chiropractic care seeks to identify these structural shifts with the aim to improve the relationship between the spine and nervous system.

This has been shown to:

  • Improve recovery time and increase strength
  • Assist in reducing the degree of inflammation
  • Improve postural alignment
  • Assist in the control and management of stress and illness
  • Increase coordination

…all of which enhance your sporting endeavours and F45/Crossfit performance.

Most importantly however- enhance your ability to function at your fullest potential!

To take a proactive approach to your health, make an appointment online via our website, or call our friendly staff.

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