Childrens chiropractor

On average, a child aged seven will have approximately 2500 falls, and before aged 3 will have three major falls from such things as change tables, cots or down a flight of stairs. It is also estimated that approximately 47.9% of children will fall on their head within their first year of life.
As Chiropractors, we assess: ⠀

  • Neck movement, spinal or dural tension which may interfere with feeding on a particular side or result in fussiness at the breast. ⠀
  • Cranial and oral function which may affect sucking or latching. ⠀
  • We check shoulders and hips as these joints can also have a stressful time during the birthing process. ⠀

Chiropractic adjustments for babies and children differ significantly from those performed on adults. Often the chiropractor will use light fingertip pressure. Older children may be adjusted with a tool called an activator (a small handheld instrument) to help adjust the spine.

Children are extremely resilient and may respond exceptionally well with the correct treatment.


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