How do I set up my desk? Postural advice

Working for long hours at a desk or computer can place a significant strain on your body. To make sure your working position is ideal, implement some of the steps below to reduce the stress placed on you spine.


• The back angle of your seat should be slightly reclined from 90 to ease the low back.

• Chair height should be adjusted so that feet are flat on the ground (if needed use a foot rest) this height should still allow your elbows to be at 90 degrees.

• Keep your lower legs vertical to the floor (90 degree angle at the knees). Don’t curl them under your chair.

• If your chair has a back support, fit it to the small of your low back.

• Make sure your armrests do not prevent your chair from rolling under the desk.

• Thighs should be parallel to the floor.


• Position the monitor so the middle of the screenis at eye level and it is slightly tilted upwards towards you. Sit about an arms length away from your monitor.


• Your wrists should always try to be in a neutral position – not up or down.

• The keyboard position should allow for the angle at the elbow to be just above 90 degrees.

• Never place documents in between you and your keyboard, this encourages you to reach forward and look down.


  • Your elbow should remain bent when reaching for the mouse, your forearm should remain on the desk at all times when using the mouse.

• Train yourself to use the mouse with your left and right hand and alternate sides, especially if you’re experiencing elbow, wrist or hand problems.

• Frequently used objects like a phone should be in easy reaching distance and try and place it on your non-dominant side.

• Learn keyboard shortcuts to decrease the use of the mouse.


• Tuck your chin backwards.

• Keep your tummy switched on nice and tight, imagine pulling your belly button in towards your spine.

• Never cradle the phone between your shoulder and your ear, always use your hands (try and use the non dominant side) or use a headpiece.

• Make sure there’s no clutter underneath your feet and desk.

• Take breaks every 30-45 mins.

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