What is a drop piece chiropractic table? How do they work?

You may notice when you visit Sims and Finn Chiropractic that we have specialised tables in each room.

These tables are known as Drop Piece Tables and they allow chiropractors to perform specific chiropractic techniques – often the Thompson Terminal Point Technique.

Each table has a separate section for the neck, upper back, lower back and pelvic region. These sections have been designed to drop down approximately 1-2cm when the chiropractor applies pressure to an area being adjusted.

For example, the thoracic piece will drop short and sharp after contact is placed on the upper back to move a vertebra into a specific direction.

The concept behind the technique is that a specific joint in motion remains in motion whilst the chiropractors’ hands continue movement through the joint. The use of gravity gives the adjustment a little extra force allowing the spine and pelvis to restore proper alignment.

One convenient feature of these tables is the ability to customise the tension of each section to allow for a softer or more forceful adjustment to suit individual patient needs.


These tables are great for elderly patients and those who experience acute pain. They provide softer adjustments and also protect the chiropractors’ bodies by avoiding repetitive manual techniques.

These specialised tables can be found in each room of the Dandenong, Pakenham and Frankston clinics. The Dandenong clinic tables are also known as Hi-Lo as they lift vertically via a hydraulic system providing extra support to patients with disabilities and limited mobility. The Hi-Lo tables have the added feature of separating the lumbar and pelvic sections to provide space for a heavily pregnant woman’s belly for extra comfort.

A chiropractic adjustment is designed to restore mobility to the joint that is not moving correctly to reduce nerve irritation, inflammation and surrounding muscle spasms. At Sims and Finn Chiropractic, we guide our patients along their health journey to achieve their goals by regaining function and mobility.

Our tables are one of the many techniques used to help you reach your goals.